YEARS OF ENGINEERING Decades of audio engineering expertise have been applied to provide the ultimate sound reinforcement systems comparable to natural sound in a free space, or really loud sound in sometimes quite un-natural spaces. The resulting box/cone/dome designs have been very impressive, very large, very complex and very expensive to own and operate. The Tectonic Flat Panel System is an alternative approach to solve the same decades-long challenges. We have developed and applied new technologies and believe that we have met existing needs and bested them: superior sound & coverage – very compact – very cost effective – very simple to operate. COMPONENTS At the heart of the Tectonic system is the Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) concept that utilizes very small drivers to excite relatively large & rigid acoustic panels. Unlike traditional loudspeaker systems, DML’s excite nearly randomly over a large surface at up to a six-octave frequency range. The net effect is a very large surface that radiates audio in a very wide and diffuse manner. We add a large-format HF ribbon and shallow wave-guide to assure high frequency fidelity and, in combination with DML’s, accurate stereo imaging throughout the venue. Our system typically crosses-over at 70Hz to whatever sub-system you prefer. SYSTEM COVERAGE Traditional systems combine multiple-sized drivers to cover the audible frequency range and push audio in a piston-like manner to produce audio waves.  By their nature, each size driver narrows its coverage (beams) as frequency increases within their operational range.  This means that any given seat in a venue will have different coverage from individual drivers, depending on what frequencies are present. This means...

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